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Designing the albumcover

Pretty soon now we will start designing the cover for our debut album on CD. We want it to look extra cool on the physical album so thats what we need to do. We will be working with Alexander Strandberg for his excellent skills in drawing and we hope to create something great!

Stay Chip!

Beverly Hills


So this weekend we started out at a gay club called The Abbey in West Hollywood and we ended up playing with the house band in a mansion up in Beverly Hills!? Hanna played the drums and yours truly handled the guitar!?

As everything else here in LA it was insane and so much fun!?

Keep on Rocking !?

The Master Plan

Hello Rockmonsters

We´ve got everything planned out and now the only thing we need to do is to go through with it. We´ve got the locations, we´ve got the story and we´ve got the technology to do it!?

April is a good month for all of you Freddie Brox fans out there!?