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Today we are going to a flea market down in Venice and we are super psyched!? While we are down there, we are going to film some for our 4 hour movie to come. It´s gonna be called: ”Two bobbleheads in Venice!?”

Just kidding, but we are going to film though, but I´m not telling you for what.


// Freddie Brox

Cover Art


So the soon to become the best album of 2016 needs some cover art and I can´t seem to be able to choose what kind I would like… A picture of me, NOT a picture of me, a painted cover or maybe just the loggo… My brain is oozing with ideas but I don´t know witch one to choose. But we will get there.

As long as I´ve got the best inspiration on the planet (LA, Hollywood) I just have to come up with something. And talking about that, we are working on a teaser for the album and it is totally of the hook!?

See ya later alligators!?


Hi you guys?!

So Christmas is coming and we are all cuddling up infront of the fireplace and drinking ”Glögg”?! At least that is what everybody does in Sweden.

We won’t be playing any shows in the next few months because I’m moving to LA and the guys in the band has got other things to do back in Sweden so we will take a short break.

But don’t worry you will hear lots about Freddie Brox during this time and this site will keep you updated on any news about the band.

XOXO // Freddie Brox

Summer 2015!!

The Summer of 2015 is finally here!? We can tell by the raging amount of short skirts and next-to-nothing bikinis out there!? We would like to remind everybody to treasure this time of year and to do all those things you have planned for your vacation!?

Also we´d like to thank Pub Anchor and Ingbofestivalen for two insane shows, we had a really good time and we know people did to!?

Stay sharp!?


Sweden Rock Festival 2015



We would just like to say thanks for all the fun we´ve had these past months, with all the gigs, partys and Sweden Rock Festival 2015 witch was freakin killer this year!?

The album is still in a working progress and it sounds insanely massive already so be patient and all good will come to you!?

Next thing up is at a pre-party to Salafestivalen in June that we´re going to be playing at.

That´s all folks, until next time!?

Brother Tuck 15/5

Hey you guys!?

The 15th of May Kill City Bandits will play a show at Brother Tuck here in Stockholm, Freddie Brox and Moonshine Voodoo will act as support.

This evening is for all you out there who are behind on payments, full of deth and has no one to talk to, because here we  all have the same problems!? So we will show you how to handle these kind of things… By drinking!?

See you there!?