Författare: freddiebrox

From Stage to Studio!?

I just wanna thank everyone for a nice evening wendsdaynight at Pub Anchor. We shared sweet drinks, funny dancing and bodily fluids, everything you´d wanna do at a Rock N Roll show!? Pictures will be displayed shortly.

For this weekend we will hit the studio to record the rest of the guitar tracks, hopefully we won´t kill each other like last time…

Stay Rock N Rollin´!?


Shit hits the fan!?

Hope you are ready to get your head blown off, because tonight´s the night when all of your deepest darkest nightmares will come true and you won´t be able to walk straight for a week… Pub Anchor 15 April Freddie Brox and Harlequin Park kl 22.00 in Stockholm!? You can´t miss it for the world, it will be written in stone that today is the day when all of Rock N Roll-history was changed for ever!? See ya´ll there!?


Rehearsal went great today, made some new trix in one of the songs and we got to talk to each other again, it was nice.

A lot of stuff is going on around with us nowadays and it looks like it will keep on like this for awhile.

We are playing a Pub Anchor 15 April 2015, we offer you a chance to hit your best friend in the face and still share a beer with him right after


See Ya!?