Summer 2015!!

The Summer of 2015 is finally here!? We can tell by the raging amount of short skirts and next-to-nothing bikinis out there!? We would like to remind everybody to treasure this time of year and to do all those things you have planned for your vacation!?

Also we´d like to thank Pub Anchor and Ingbofestivalen for two insane shows, we had a really good time and we know people did to!?

Stay sharp!?


Sweden Rock Festival 2015



We would just like to say thanks for all the fun we´ve had these past months, with all the gigs, partys and Sweden Rock Festival 2015 witch was freakin killer this year!?

The album is still in a working progress and it sounds insanely massive already so be patient and all good will come to you!?

Next thing up is at a pre-party to Salafestivalen in June that we´re going to be playing at.

That´s all folks, until next time!?

Brother Tuck 15/5

Hey you guys!?

The 15th of May Kill City Bandits will play a show at Brother Tuck here in Stockholm, Freddie Brox and Moonshine Voodoo will act as support.

This evening is for all you out there who are behind on payments, full of deth and has no one to talk to, because here we  all have the same problems!? So we will show you how to handle these kind of things… By drinking!?

See you there!?

From Stage to Studio!?

I just wanna thank everyone for a nice evening wendsdaynight at Pub Anchor. We shared sweet drinks, funny dancing and bodily fluids, everything you´d wanna do at a Rock N Roll show!? Pictures will be displayed shortly.

For this weekend we will hit the studio to record the rest of the guitar tracks, hopefully we won´t kill each other like last time…

Stay Rock N Rollin´!?


Shit hits the fan!?

Hope you are ready to get your head blown off, because tonight´s the night when all of your deepest darkest nightmares will come true and you won´t be able to walk straight for a week… Pub Anchor 15 April Freddie Brox and Harlequin Park kl 22.00 in Stockholm!? You can´t miss it for the world, it will be written in stone that today is the day when all of Rock N Roll-history was changed for ever!? See ya´ll there!?